About Me
About Me :
My name is Percy Richardson III, I also go by "Rich". I would like to
welcome, and Thank you for visiting my Page. I currently reside in Lufkin,
Texas. I grew up in the outdoors, fishing and hunting from the time I was
old enough to hold up a rod and reel, or a gun. Knives have always just been
around as tools for jobs. I remember watching my Grandpa sharpen his
knives on a wet stone and was always intrigued. My Father has been a
full-time knife maker since 1989. I started making knives around 1994 or so,
mostly by finishing some of his derailed projects, or getting blades and
putting handles on them. Since then I have made knives on and off until last
year. I like to make high quality knives for the user, or collector. I started
full-time making in 2014, after leaving a job that I decided wasn't for me.